Lottery for State Lotteries – Dhankesari

Nagaland state lotteries are held in Dhankesari (Naga) each year during January-February. It is said that the queen, a daughter of King Naraiyya was killed by her brother, King Jigmi. She married the son of the king of Mysore and brought him to her court. She then had him murdered and she assumed the throne as a widow. The reason why lotteries are done in Dhankesari is because it was in that part of India that the Mysore army faced a tough challenge from the Nagas and other tribal people.


Dhan kesari vipr state lotteries also takes place in this region and it’s important to remember that the prize money doesn’t come straight away. There is a list of rules and regulations that have to be followed before the prize money can be claimed. They are also required to complete some formalities like paying the entry fee. Some of the rules are to be fulfilled and others can be changed according to the requirements of the lottery. For instance, the first time registrants have to pay certain conditions and the second time registrants also have to fulfill certain conditions. Check dhan kesari vip and dhankesari today result download.

A lot of factors are taken into consideration while giving out prizes in Nagaland lotteries. The prize money has to be given on time in order to discourage people from making the lottery wrong. Besides, if you do not follow the rules and regulations it can lead to you winning less than what you had planned to win. If you are lucky you could get to win huge amount of prize money but the odds are against you so better be safe than sorry.


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